Kovács Levente

When I started out, I took shots of landscapes and sunsets, carelessly, just for the rush, of how it felt to be there. As time passed I gained more interest in details, people and conceptual shots, but most importantly the mood.

Portraits were my favorites for as long as I remember. Upon entering this gateway, many opportunities rose before me, and I continue to come across interesting styles, methods and techniques ever since.

My current works are mainly telling stories of love and capturing the light in the eyes of seniors. As a tool of self-expression, I shoot conceptual materials, such as “The Contrasts of Rusinga” from 2015, Kenya. This gives me the opportunity to see the world in a different way.

I am still searching for the perfect place to live, build a home and raise a family, meanwhile I try to travel a lot. I am a big dreamer, but my philosophy is that everything is possible.

I aim to perpetually develop my style of emphasizing the mood and ambiance of the image, as well as of maintaining the photos’ value throughout the ever-changing post-production.

My view of the world is shaping continously. I love adventures, new experiences and open-minded people.

Are you one of them?